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Senior Internships

Our Seniors have the opportunity to participate in internships this year, and they are doing some incredible work!

“I am interning under Dr. Kathryn Kohl in her laboratory at Winthrop University. Using research rooted in Mendelian genetics, I am studying meiotic recombination in Drosophila melanogaster, or the common fruit fly! I begged for an opportunity to work under Dr. Kohl after a summer work experience at a university in Pennsylvania, where I initially discovered my interest in genetics, but also in research as a whole. I intend to study biology with a concentration in genetics after I graduate from St. Anne and hope to continue molecular research even at the graduate level.”

“I am interning at Whitesell Investigative Services and Rock Hill Forensic Police Department. The reason why I chose to intern at these two particular places is because both are connected to my future career which is criminology and I’m able to experience and learn from their field of work. This internship relates to my future aspirations to become a forensic crime scene investigator.”

“I am an intern at the Blackwelder Law Firm in York, SC. This is a criminal defense law firm. At the beginning of my junior year, I met Attorney Blackwelder at a university presentation where she spoke about her alma mater and her career as a criminal defense attorney; after her presentation, I went up, introduced myself, and told her of my aspiration to become a lawyer. At this time, she had just opened up her law firm and needed help with the expansion of her law firm. Thus, we discussed the potential for me to become an intern at her law firm. For the past year and a half, I have gained first-hand experience reviewing case files, contacting local courts, discussing defense strategy, researching legal issues, and attending trials. I have been exposed to unsavory circumstances when watching police videos and reading police reports– I have even had the opportunity to visit clients in jail. Since I have yet to attend law school, there have been many situations where I have been challenged to educate myself on legal procedures and case law. Working at a criminal defense attorney’s office has opened my eyes to the nuances and burdens of the criminal justice system; it has also inspired me to pursue a career in law. Specifically, I have considered becoming a defense attorney, or practicing international law.”

“I am currently interning on two Winthrop University mainstage shows with a theater professor. When I am not interning there, I am helping Ms. Camp with departmental things at the lower school such as coaching Middle School students, assisting with fifth-grade drama, and putting together a prologue program for the Miracle Worker. I chose to intern at both SAS and Winthrop because I want to see the JPG Program grow and flourish, and the first step is starting young. I chose Winthrop because I am planning on majoring in Drama next year and my position on the productions allow me to have a “first glimpse” into what a collegiate program looks like. Since I am planning on pursuing theater professionally both these opportunities have allowed me to understand teaching artistry and professional acting.”

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