Faculty and Administration

At the heart of St. Anne Catholic School is an inspired, dedicated and experienced school staff. St. Anne faculty and staff members are recognized for their commitment to Catholic education, as well as their skill, enthusiasm, and care for their students.  Many of our faculty and staff hold advanced degrees, bringing a wealth of knowledge and a love of learning to every student in our classrooms.

St. Anne Governance           Faculty and Staff Teams


Headmaster- Fr. Fabio Refosco
Principal- Shaileen Riginos
HS Assistant Principal- Melanie Rainier
LS Assistant Principal- Julie Peter
LS Chaplain- Dcn. Jim Hyland
US Chaplain- Fr. John Guiliani
LS Campus Minister- Natalie Petro
HS Campus Minister- Michael Petro
Director of School Advancement- Kym Deer
Planned Giving Officer- Tonia Bohnen
Fundraising Coordinator- MaryAnn Scola
Director- Mary LeBrun
LS Admissions/ Admin Assistant- Mary King
HS Admissions/ Admin Assistant- Melita Talbot-Hill
HS Reception- Moya Adams
HS Data Manager- Allison Perkins
IT- John Girshovich
Nurse- Terrah Shene
Lunch Caterer- Mary Grider
Director of College Counseling- Jeff Hiser
Director of Curriculum and Instruction- Jennifer Vawter
Director of JPG- Alex Bresalier
Guidance Counselor- Laurie Veale
Pope Francis Center- Kristi Peters (K-5), Gloria Lombardozzi (MS), Beth Bolus (HS)
HS Academic Affairs- Kris Blair
HS Student Affairs- Emil Mentz

Father Fabio Refosco
Shaileen Riginos
Julie Peter
Assistant Principal
Lower School
Melanie Rainier
Assistant Principal
High School
Jill Pellett
Annah Aguilar
2nd Grade Teacher
Danielle Lenti
1st Grade Teacher
Alison Madern
High School Math
Kelly Girshovich
1st Grade Assistant
Lori Greene
1st Grade Teacher
Loren Kennelly
K5 Teacher
Michelle Gorospe
K5 Assistant
Lara Williams
Betty De La Cruz
K4 Assistant Teacher
K3-K5 Spanish Teacher
Susan Wagner
Director of Preschool
K4 Teacher
Beverly Foundos
K3 Teacher
Mary Grider
Lunch Caterer
Allison Perkins
High School Data Manager
MaryAnn Scola
Fundraising Coordinator
Tonia Bohnen
Planned Giving Officer
Father John Guiliani
High School Chaplain
Jamie Kreber
Assistant Director of Extended Care
Kendra Foos
Parish Youth Minister
Elena Ziegler
Director of Religious Education
Mary LeBrun
Director of Extended Care
Judann Tine
Katie Metz
Lula Gomez
Parish Secretary
Deacon John Hall
Emil Mentz
High School Student Affairs
Kris Blair
High School Academic Affairs
High School Science
Beth Bolus
Pope Francis Center
High School Art Teacher
Kristi Peters
Pope Francis Center
Gloria Lombardozzi
Pope Francis Center
Middle School
Angel Juarez
Facilities Assistant
Moya Adams
HS Receptionist
Margie Blair
Facilities and Operations Supervisor
Alex Bresalier
Director of JPG
High School Art Teacher
Kym Deer
Director of School Advancement
John Girshovich
Mary Grider
Lunch Caterer
Jeff Hiser
Director of College Counseling
Deacon Jim Hyland
Lower School Chaplain
Pastoral Associate
Mary King
Lower School Admissions
Administrative Assistant
Michael Petro
High School Campus Minister
Natalie Petro
Lower School Campus Minister
2nd Grade Teacher
Terrah Shene
School Nurse
Melita Talbot-Hill
High School Admissions
Administrative Assistant
Jennifer Vawter
Director of Curriculum and Instruction
4th, 5th Grade Teacher
Laurie Veale

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