School Profile

Accredited by Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), St. Anne Catholic School serves children from nearby cities like Charlotte, Chester, Ft. Mill, Indian Land, Lake Wylie, and York. Current enrollment in grades K3 through twelfth grade is over 360 students. St. Anne School will graduate its first class of seniors in 2018 as a result of our expansion to a K3-12 Catholic school.  The reasons both Catholic and non-Catholic children who attend St. Anne School excel in high school and college:Picture1

  • One of just two South Carolina schools to be awarded national recognition by Renaissance Learning as ‘Model School’ for outstanding performance in education
  • 50% of St. Anne teachers have advanced degrees
  • Small classes
    • Teacher – student ratio is 1:11
    • Average class size is 18
  • Core curriculum includes religion, morning prayer and weekly school Mass (all ministries staffed by students)
  • Curriculum extends beyond traditional subjects to include fine arts, technology and foreign language that begins in kindergarten
  • High school credit courses offered in middle school (math and English)
  • Extracurricular activities such as a comprehensive athletic program, intramural sports, National Honor Society, and nearly 30 clubs
  • Safe, secure environment

St. Anne students are accepted at colleges and universities across the nation. St. Anne Catholic School students are graduates of universities such as Notre Dame, Duke University, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Yale University, Clemson University, University of South Carolina, and US Air Force Academy.

School Profile 2018-2019

As day guardians for children, St. Anne Catholic School keeps its commitments to parents who enroll their children as evidenced in parent feedback:

“The Catholic/Christ-centered education provides a foundation for the rest of their lives. The excellent quality education (good test scores) low tolerance for problems, good discipline habits, safe, clean atmosphere and good music/art programs…”

“My older children have finished St. Anne and continued with great academic success into college. They receive a high quality of education as well as good foundation in religion whether you are Catholic or not.”

“The reasons we send our children to St. Anne School (SAS) are re-emphasized each time we visit or volunteer at school…Manners, courtesy, integrity, and respect are visibly taught to students and expected of the students. These attributes are qualities that help make fine adults.”

“Small classes. Good teachers. Kind people.”

“We want an excellent education for our child and also a place that teaches her good Christian values. St. Anne is the perfect school for our family.”