Standardized Test Scores

St. Anne Catholic School students consistently score in the top tier of the country…year after year on the following tests:

MAP Testing (Measures of Academic Progress) Grades 2-8

Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) tests are national standards-aligned, computerized, adaptive assessments that provide useful student information. These tests accurately reflect the instructional level of each student and measure growth over time. Students will be given tests that assess in three general areas: Reading, Math, and Language. We hope this information will help us better serve your child. The test is untimed.

Why MAP our students’ progress?

  • Identifies the skills and concepts individual students have mastered
  • Diagnoses instructional needs
  • Monitors academic growth over time
  • Allows teachers to make data-driven decisions in the classroom
  • Places students into appropriate instructional programs


PSAT (grades 7-11)

The PSAT is a “dress rehearsal” for the SAT. St. Anne School chooses to use the PSAT starting in 7th grade to provide our students with significant opportunities for practice on this college readiness assessment. Test results provide students with an idea of how they might perform on the SAT and provide feedback about the areas where they need to improve. Our faculty and staff analyzes these scores in order to vary instruction according to student

2016 MAP Scores