Middle School

SAS-Final-F16-IMG_9975_1St. Anne Catholic Middle School provides an outstanding Catholic education, enabling students to excel in scholarship, leadership, character development, and service. Our students are prepared to be lifelong learners and leaders in the Church and society. With a college-preparatory education beginning in 6th grade that speaks to the whole person, St. Anne promotes a strong academic tradition of critical thinking, intellectual curiosity and active social responsibility.

Reading and English Language Arts
The St. Anne School ELA curriculum strives to provide exploratory experiences which will enable students to achieve their potential as critical thinkers, effective communicators, and intelligent interpreters of text and media. Utilizing relevant, rigorous, and differentiated instruction, teachers support students in developing proficiency in various forms of communication and improving the skills required for success in high school and beyond. The middle school language arts curriculum consists of the study of short stories, novels, grammar, vocabulary, spelling, and writing and speaking skills. The student will read and learn to comprehend a variety of literary texts in print and non-print formats. In addition to fiction works, students will read and analyze a variety of informational text such as speeches, discussions and media productions. Always the presence of God will guide the choice of topics and selected reading material. Word analysis and vocabulary strategies are very much a part of the language arts curriculum by studying literal and figurative meanings, denotation and connotation, spelling, and syntax clues. Latin is integrated into the curriculum as a tool to help our students decipher the roots of our English language. Our students create written works that have a clear focus, sufficient detail, coherent organization, use of voice and correct use of the conventions of Standard American English. As the student progresses through the St. Anne ELA curriculum, the writing aspect of language arts in the student will show an increased level of mastery of grammar and development of ideas. The culmination of written work is the completion of an MLA research paper that has been learned step-by-step from formation of thesis statement, note cards, sentence outline and proper citing. The tenets of the Catholic faith inform and pervade the reading and writing responses of the students.



Throughout middle school, students are taught a mixture of Physical, Life, and Earth Sciences, as well as experimental design and inquiry. Middle School students continue to develop their investigative skills by generating their own questions, recognizing and explaining the relationships among variables, and critiquing the conclusions that are drawn from scientific investigations. Hands on activities are stressed and include student discovery, laboratory experiments, dissectons, problem solving, model building, cooperative learning, iPad usage, classroom discussion, teacher demonstrations, and writing opportunities for research and self-expression. Interdisciplinary subject areas are incorporated whenever possible. Students are introduced to the use of scientific tools and methods used for investigations.
Social Studies
In 6th grade, students begin with Ancient World Cultures, studying the world from man’s earliest writings in caves. Students follow the progress of man through the beginning of the great civilizations of Mesopotamia, Egypt, Rome, Greece, China and the Americas. Seventh graders progress to Modern World Cultures, which picks up in the fast-moving era of the 15th century. Man is finding new horizons, creating new inventions and thinking in a new way. Students study changes in political, social and economic trends through the era of European exploration and settlement to the present. Middle school social studies culminates in the study of South Carolina History, which traces American History by studying local influence on the progression of our nation from pre-colonial to the modern era. Students will learn to assess historical materials, their relevance to a given issue, their reliability and their importance, and to weigh the evidence and interpretations presented in historical scholarship.
Advancements in our rapidly changing world necessitate the development of technological skills to enable students to function in an increasingly global society. Our goal is to present and strengthen the skills students need to access, interpret, and synthesize information which is constantly changing. Middle school students are given 1:1 technology to help develop the skills necessary for 21st century learning. Technology is a tool for learning and developing critical thinking skills across the content area. Having students acquire these skills will result in the development of self-directed learners who can independently and cooperatively apply technology to solve problems and make informed decisions. Technology instruction and application is integrated into each subject area.
Middle School religion begins with the study of Old Testament Literature, with an emphasis on Judaic tradition. The curriculum continues through the study of the New Testament and culminates in the study of the history of the Catholic faith. Scripture, therefore, plays a prominent role in all teachings. Our students focus on feast days, traditions, prayer, devotions, and teachings that correlate with Church doctrine. There is emphasis on basic moral principles, the Christian obligation to seek justice for all people, and responsible citizenship. We believe that faith formation is a life-long process of development and afford our students the opportunity to grow in their relationship with God through the faithful service of others.
Experiential learning is particularly important for the middle school student. Engineering, by its nature, is an inquiry-based pedagogical strategy that promotes learning across all subjects. St. Anne fosters a learning environment in which students are guided to produce original ideas, objects, and structures according to certain specifications using concepts and skills from math, science, and technology. Students are offered this opportunity during traditional classroom instruction and in extra-curricular activities such as the Fluor Engineering Challenge.
the Arts
St. Anne continues to offer a comprehensive curriculum in music, art, and drama. Beginning in 6th grade students have exposure to all of the related arts within the academic year. Band, choir, drama, and visual arts are taught to all students by qualified professionals who are able to help every student, no matter what their level of ability or experience. St. Anne School are able to experience all aspects of the arts and explore a deeper interest and drive music, art, or theater.
The goal of the math program at St. Anne Catholic School is to enhance the student’s foundational skills developed during the elementary years and provide them with an intense curriculum according to their needs, interests, and abilities. A strong math education serves as a gateway for higher education and empowers students to compete successfully for 21st century careers. The McGraw Hill math program drives instruction in middle school math. Courses 1 and 2 are designed to integrate the student’s proficient elementary mathematical sills with the challenges of middle level concepts which will create the foundation for Pre-Algebra and/or Algebra I. Students are provided opportunities to explore, problem solve, and create mathematical models. Students interact with math thorough the textbook, hands-on learning, online activities, and through collaborating with classmates. In Pre-Algebra and Algebra I, students apply their prior experiences to perform higher-level computation and begin to analyze solutions. Students learn how to use their understanding of mathematical/ algebraic expressions and equations to solve real-world problems. Students who complete Algebra I in 8th grade must meet the same standards as do high school students who study Algebra.
Physical Education
Physical Education is an integral part of the St. Anne School curriculum. All students (K3-12) participate in this enrichment. The instructional program is designed to promote and encourage physical fitness, develop fundamental motor skills, emphasize safety, stimulate social and cognitive development, and encourage decision-making, problem solving, and cooperation. All areas are addressed within the context of a Catholic environment supporting the honor system and sportsmanship at its best. Physical Education students will be exposed to a wide variety of sports, skills, and activities. As a result students will have the necessary opportunities to refine their personal abilities and needs. Placing an emphasis on participation rather than on the development of the gifted athlete is a prime goal. The units of study vary greatly according to each grade’s skill level. Each spring, the Physical Education Department sponsors Field Day. SAS Field Day is packed with numerous indoor and outdoor games and activities!
In Middle School, students expand upon the content they have already learned, thus, preparing them for what is to come at the High School level. Students learn the basic language patterns and vocabulary. Focus is on all four language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Culture is an integral part of the course and is introduced through the use of media, games, adapted readings and class discussions. Additionally, elements of the Catholic faith tradition are integrated into the Spanish curriculum in order to provide a meaningful language and cultural experience within the context of the Catholic faith. Students at St. Anne have the unique opportunity to take Spanish I for high school credit in 8th grade. Many universities require three years of foreign language in high school, so this puts our students ahead for graduation.


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