Scholarships and Tuition Assistance

St. Anne School Tuition Assistance

Needs-based financial aid is available from the school for students in five year old kindergarten-grade 12. The amount available varies each year, and current students are given priority. All applications for school tuition assistance are due by April 1st. Practicing Catholics are strongly encouraged to apply for the St. Elizabeth Ann Seton grant. These applications are typically due in March. Students in preschool will not qualify for financial aid. It is our goal to try to meet the financial needs of our families; however, the school is dependent upon tuition revenue. Just because your family’s financial background determines a need, does not mean the school has the resources to provide assistance. The school is typically able to provide just a percentage of a families’ needs.

  1. Families must apply through FACTS.
  2. Supporting documentation of need must be submitted.
  3. Applications are reviewed by the School Finance Committee and approved by the President and Principal.
  4. All applications will need to be submitted by the date determined by the Finance Committee in January. This date is usually in April, but dependent upon the dates determined for the Sain Elizabeth Ann Seton Grant offered by the Diocese of Charleston.

William Pentis Tuition Assistance Fund

St. Anne Catholic School established a tuition assistance fund in honor of Father William Pentis, Pastor of St. Anne Catholic Church from July 1, 1983-June 30, 2004. Monies from this fund are used to assist a current family in St. Anne Catholic School who has experienced a financial hardship due to unexpected circumstances, such as job loss, serious accident, injury, or illness etc. The tuition assistance is designed to serve as a helping hand to a family for a short-term situation. Any family may apply for partial tuition assistance by contacting the principal of St. Anne Catholic School. The principal and Pastor of St. Anne Catholic Church will review the family’s situation and make the decision regarding the amount of assistance to be provided.

Kim Martinson Memorial Scholarship

St. Anne Catholic School established the Kim Martinson Memorial Scholarship to honor Kim’s life. Kim was an alumna of St. Anne School and active member of St. Anne Parish, whose life was tragically ended at the age of 22 on December 29, 1997. Kim led a life full of fun and vibrancy but also one of deep faith, devotion to her parents, and commitment to excellence through hard work and education. Kim’s memory can be an inspiration to children, with whom she shared a youthful spirit even as she matured to a young adult. The scholarship amounts to 50% of the annual tuition rate for a middle school student (grades 6- 8). This scholarship is available to students of any faith, gender or ethnicity. Two criteria will apply: essay written by the applicant and the academic records of the applicant.

Kim Martinson Memorial Scholarship Application 2019

If you would like to make a donation in memory of Fr. William or Kim Martinson, please contact the school’s bookkeeper, Mrs. Katie Metz or (803) 324-4814. A gift to either of these memorial scholarships helps strengthen and continue the St. Anne Catholic School experience for our families. Thank you for your consideration and generosity.

Elizabeth Ann Seton Tuition Assistance Grant

St Elizabeth Ann Seton Tuition Assistance Grant Application 2019

The St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Endowment funds the Diocese of Charleston St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Tuition Assistance Grant. The purpose of this grant is to assist Catholic families wishing to send their children to a Diocesan elementary school who require financial assistance.

  1. Catholic families in good standing, with their pastor’s endorsement, are eligible for a St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Tuition Assistance Grant.
  2. Families must apply through the school they will be attending for the year applying. The Catholic Schools Office will NOT accept applications directly from the requesting family. The student/parent
 must complete and submit the attached application no later than March 1, 2019.
  3. Applications that have been reviewed by the School Finance Committee as eligible, and approved by the Principal (as indicated by their signature on the application), will be sent to the Pastor/Pastoral Administrator for his recommendation, endorsement and signature.
  4. All applications sent to the Catholic Schools Office must be complete before the application is processed. If the total application is not received by the deadline, the applicant will not be eligible for a St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Diocesan Tuition Grant for the applying year.
  5. Eligible applications must be received in the Catholic Schools Office by the deadline specified on the application.
  6. Once the Catholic Schools Office Tuition Assistance Committee has reviewed the applications, each school receiving Tuition Assistance Grants will receive the grant in the total amount during;the month of July. The funds are to be credited to the qualified student’s account by the school.
  7. If the amount received is less than the amount requested it is the responsibility of the School’s Financial Aid Committee to determine how the grant will be allocated among the qualified students.
  8. Each school receiving a St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Tuition Assistance Grant will forward to the Catholic Schools Office a list of grant recipients, including the amounts awarded to each student, within 10 school days of receiving the grant check.

Cardinal Newman STREAM Grant


Cardinal Newman Stream Grant Application 2019

Principal Teacher Recommendation

Cardinal Newman Stream Grant is awarded to outstanding 8th to 11th Grade students demonstrating skills and abilities in the fields of Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Art and Mathematics, without regard to gender, race, nationality, ethnic origin, or religious preference. A variety of information is taken into consideration such as student’s academic record, two sets of standardized test scores (PSAT and MAP), the student’s teacher’s written recommendation, information about the student’s behavior (Merits and Demerits), and most of all the records of their participation in Virtues Program, school activities and community service. Lastly, the student needs to write why he or she deserves the grant.

Student must be:
• Enrolled at Saint Anne Catholic School during the current school year and re-enrolled for the next school year. First year students are not eligible for this grant.
• Have a cumulative overall GPA of at least 3.5 (based on a 4.0) in core subjects.
• The award student must maintain the cumulative overall GPA of at least 3.5 during tenure of the Grant Award.
•The award student that withdraws from Saint Anne Catholic School during tenure of the Grant award must forfeit his/her grant. The balance of the Grant will revert to the general fund of Cardinal Newman Stream Grant. < >
• Grant recipient is selected on the basis of distinction in Religion & Morals, Academics, Art & Music, Sports & Athletic Programs. Financial need is not a consideration for this Grant. The awarded student will be notified in mid-May.
• If selected as a recipient, the student will receive a one-time $1,000 check at the end of the following school year, which was successfully attended. Students may receive the Cardinal Newman Stream Grant only one time.
• The Grant Administration reserves the right to review the eligibility and requirements of this grant program and to make changes at any time including termination of the program.
2018 Recipient – Ms. Lily Antemann
2017 Recipient – Ms. Chau (Elena) Thai Vo
2016 Recipient – Mr. Alexander T. Rainier
2015 Recipient – Ms. Alexandra Faye Riginos

Faith in the Future Grant


Faith in the Future Fund Application 2019

The Faith in the Future Fund was presented to St. Anne Catholic School as a gift from the 8th Grade class of 2015.  Traditionally, the 8th grade class gives a gift to the school as a thank you for the many gifts that St. Anne has given to them over the years. This dynamic group of students decided to leave more than just a gift—they wanted to leave a legacy.  It is with love and gratitude that they looked back on their time at St. Anne and decided to take steps to offer the same experience to others.  As potential members of the inaugural St. Anne Catholic High School, they wanted to offer a meaningful gift to show that they have complete and total faith in the future of St. Anne School.

The current program is specific to Freshmen entering the Class of 2023 as of Fall 2019.  The amount of the scholarship is dependent upon the availability of funds in the Faith in the Future Fund.

To receive a scholarship, a student must fulfill the following criteria for selection:

  • Academic Ability: The criteria for academic excellence requires at least a cumulative 85 average for the first three quarters of the 8th grade year. In addition, students must receive at least one teacher recommendation from a current teacher.
  • Personal Growth and Development: Candidate must be in compliance with the St. Anne School Attendance Policy at the time of the application. In addition, he/she must receive at least one teacher recommendation attesting to his or her personal growth throughout the candidate’s time at St. Anne School.
  • Commitment to Community Service and Extracurricular Activity: Candidate must have participated in at least TWO community service, athletic, or extracurricular activities during his or her 8th grade year at St. Anne School.
  • Family Commitment: St. Anne Catholic School is a community bound by faith. Our community has common goals and ideals. SAS understands that parents are the primary educators and that together, we work toward the goal of educating His children entrusted to us. We work together guided by the mission of our school by volunteering and assisting in areas helpful to our school. Families must demonstrate support for St. Anne School as evidenced by service hours and Principal or Pastor recommendation.
  • Financial Need: At St. Anne School we understand that a commitment to Catholic education is also a financial commitment. While financial need is not a primary consideration for the Faith in the Future Fund, applicants may present financial concerns on the attached application.
  • Commitment to Catholic Education: Candidate must have attended St. Anne School for the 8th grade academic year. Recipient must attend St. Anne Catholic High School.
  • The applicant pool will be comprised of candidates that have put themselves forward and/or are identified by the Principal.
  • The non-financial qualifications outlined above will be judged based on the input provided by the candidate’s middle school principal and teachers as evidenced on the attached “Teacher Recommendation Form”. The student/parent must complete and submit the attached application no later than March 1, 2019. Please return all completed forms to the school office.

What is Exceptional SC?

Exceptional SC is a scholarship fund that helps students with exceptional needs attend credentialed private schools. Scholarships and tuition tax credits from Exceptional SC are only available to students attending an eligible school, such as St. Anne School. Questions may be directed to Julie Peter, Assistant Principal at