Kym Deer

Kym Deer

Celebrating Diversity!

St. Anne students were able to listen to Fr. Louis Pham discuss the 3rd day of TET Lunar New Year, where the teachers are honored and visited by their students. In the Vietnamese culture, TET is one of the most important cultural celebrations and includes several traditions such as giving children red envelopes that contain money and a wish for the New Year. Students were also given a free Vietnamese lunch, provided by St. Anne parishioner Ms. Thi Le. Thank you Fr. Louis and Ms. Thi Le for your time and for providing our students with such a wonderful opportunity!

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2020 Catholic Bee

Congratulations to all of our Catholic Bee participants! The annual Catholic Bee is held each year during Catholic Schools Week. All students compete in the classroom round with the winner going on to compete in the grade level round. One student per grade level is represented in the final round of the Bee. This year, 8th grader Heidi H. was named 2020 Catholic Bee Champ!

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2nd Annual Diocesan Band and Choir Festival

A big congratulations to Ethan B., Taylor W., Heidi H., Rhian H., Riley M., Shelby S., Bryna H., Regan K. and Alex B. on their participation in the 2nd Annual Diocesan Band and Choir Festival at Cardinal Newman School in Columbia. Students were selected from each school in the Diocese of Charleston to participate in the annual event. These students represented St. Anne with pride!

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Student Accepted to Neuroscience Institute

Katerina D’Agostino, a 10th grader at St. Anne Catholic School, was accepted to attend the Neuroscience Institute at Wake Forest University Summer Immersion Program 2019.

Katerina spent a week at Wake Forest University’s campus in Winston-Salem, NC and was immersed in the field of Neuroscience. She had the opportunity to explore the nervous system and its role in regulating behavior, explored the structure of the brain through hands-on dissection, conducted neuroscience experiments and visited the neuroimaging facility at Wake Forest University School of Medicine.

Katerina loved everything about this program from the hands-on learning opportunities she had in the lab to the college dorm living experience!

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St. Anne feature article on Notre Dame website!

A Commitment to Diversity: First Racially-Integrated School in South Carolina Continues its Legacy through Latino Outreach

By Manuel Fernandez | Program Director, Latino Enrollment Institute

Aug. 23, 2017

Every school has a story to tell.

Throughout the six-year history of the Latino Enrollment Institute (LEI), we have seen Catholic school principals from all over the country come to the LEI in the hopes of transforming their schools, and in essence, change their school’s story. Some schools are near closing and desperately need to increase enrollment quickly. Other schools already have a large Latino population and simply want to start serving them better. And still schools see their neighborhoods, their country, and the Church changing and want to be proactive in making sure their school is ready for this inevitable change.

When Shaileen Riginos of St. Anne Catholic School in Rock Hill, South Carolina, applied to the LEI in the summer of 2015, she asked herself, “What do I want our school story to be?” Their enrollment was healthy, their finances were in order, and parents were happy with the direction of the school. But one major area gnawed at her. Despite the fact that St. Anne’s parish was 28 percent Latino, there were very few Latinos enrolled in the school. With the cost of tuition, attracting low-income families was proving to be difficult.

Shaileen also had a legacy to fulfill. St. Anne had been a leader in diversity since its inception in 1951, when just three years after opening it became the first racially integrated school in South Carolina. It was important for Shaileen to continue St. Anne’s legacy of being a welcoming community to people of all ethnicities and backgrounds.

As it turns out, coming to the LEI turned out to be a godsend for not only her school, but Shaileen as well. “The LEI opened my eyes to the needs of Catholic schools nationwide and of our own school here in Rock Hill, and one of the most significant ways we can help not only Catholic schools and the Church, but even more importantly, Latino children and families, was to get them into our schools. And I knew at that point that St. Anne needed to do that.”

St. Anne is blessed to have an extremely supportive pastor, Father Fabio Refosco. Father Fabio wanted to begin right away, but he wanted to do it right, in a way that would serve the needs of his community and his school. He and Shaileen decided to start small. Because of the cost of tuition, he knew he would need to find enough scholarship money to serve the needs of low-income families. Displaying a keen business sense, Father Fabio found enough scholarship money to offer financial assistance to active Latino parishioners seeking a Catholic education.

On her end, Shaileen got to work immediately. Using the strategies she learned from her time at the LEI, she reached out to theLatino community and found many families excited at the prospect of joining such a faith-filled school. Her staff immediately bought in and welcomed their new families with open arms.

“I received no pushback whatsoever from my staff. Everything happened so naturally. It was a beautiful thing to watch unfold.”

As a result of all of the hard work of Fr. Fabio, Shaileen, and her staff, St. Anne has seen the diversity of her school increase exponentially. St. Anne went from eighteen Latino students before attending the LEI to forty-five Latino students today. And the school’s Latino students come from all over globe: Spain, Peru, Honduras, Nicaragua, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, and Mexico, showing strength in diversity even within the Latino community.

Shaileen now knows St. Anne’s story. It is a story of faith, love, growth, and not insignificantly, a true commitment to diversity. It has been that way since 1954 when, against intense outside pressure to remain segregated, St. Anne’s opened its doors to five African-American children from a nearby parish. And it carries on today as St. Anne welcomes families from countries such as Vietnam, China, Spain, Mexico, Germany, India, and many more.

“Our diversity is a major strength. Coming to the LEI helped us expand that. Helping our Latino families and our low-income families is honestly the BEST part of my job. The parents have been so incredibly appreciative of the gifts our school gives them, but they don’t realize that we are the blessed ones to be able to work with them. Those are the moments when I know that Catholic education makes a difference!”

A wonderful story indeed.


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Catholic Schools….Now more than ever!


Twenty years ago, Saint Pope John Paul II said to an audience of Catholic educators in New Orleans: “Yours is a great gift to the Church, a great gift to your nation.” Countless people in our country have been blessed by the many gifts of Catholic schools. However, many adults have lost touch with their local Catholic school community. It is time for those people who have been impacted by your school to reconnect with the community that gave them so much, and give back.

With this recognition in mind, NCEA is pleased to present the online giving campaign: Many Gifts, One Nation: A Day of Giving to Catholic Schools. Make your gift to a Catholic school on January 29-30!

For the 2018 Day of Giving, more than $859,000 was raised from 6,957 donations to 539 schools, six dioceses and NCEA. This is just one example of the strength Catholic schools hold when we work together to promote the faith-filled and academically excellent education we all have at the core of our shared mission.


Many Gifts, One Nation is a national campaign focused on giving back locally, similar to Giving Tuesday or Small Business Saturday. Donors will connect directly with your school. This campaign allows everyone who has been impacted by Catholic schools to join together and give back.

Between January 29, 12 PM and January 30, 12 PM, follow the link to our giving page and give back!

Give a Gift here!

Don’t forget to let others know that you participated. Share on your social media networks and challenge your former teachers, classmates and friends to give as well! Remember—Many Gifts, One Nation will only be available for 24 hours. Make sure every gift happens during this time!

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Senior Internships

Our Seniors have the opportunity to participate in internships this year, and they are doing some incredible work!

“I am interning under Dr. Kathryn Kohl in her laboratory at Winthrop University. Using research rooted in Mendelian genetics, I am studying meiotic recombination in Drosophila melanogaster, or the common fruit fly! I begged for an opportunity to work under Dr. Kohl after a summer work experience at a university in Pennsylvania, where I initially discovered my interest in genetics, but also in research as a whole. I intend to study biology with a concentration in genetics after I graduate from St. Anne and hope to continue molecular research even at the graduate level.”

“I am interning at Whitesell Investigative Services and Rock Hill Forensic Police Department. The reason why I chose to intern at these two particular places is because both are connected to my future career which is criminology and I’m able to experience and learn from their field of work. This internship relates to my future aspirations to become a forensic crime scene investigator.”

“I am an intern at the Blackwelder Law Firm in York, SC. This is a criminal defense law firm. At the beginning of my junior year, I met Attorney Blackwelder at a university presentation where she spoke about her alma mater and her career as a criminal defense attorney; after her presentation, I went up, introduced myself, and told her of my aspiration to become a lawyer. At this time, she had just opened up her law firm and needed help with the expansion of her law firm. Thus, we discussed the potential for me to become an intern at her law firm. For the past year and a half, I have gained first-hand experience reviewing case files, contacting local courts, discussing defense strategy, researching legal issues, and attending trials. I have been exposed to unsavory circumstances when watching police videos and reading police reports– I have even had the opportunity to visit clients in jail. Since I have yet to attend law school, there have been many situations where I have been challenged to educate myself on legal procedures and case law. Working at a criminal defense attorney’s office has opened my eyes to the nuances and burdens of the criminal justice system; it has also inspired me to pursue a career in law. Specifically, I have considered becoming a defense attorney, or practicing international law.”

“I am currently interning on two Winthrop University mainstage shows with a theater professor. When I am not interning there, I am helping Ms. Camp with departmental things at the lower school such as coaching Middle School students, assisting with fifth-grade drama, and putting together a prologue program for the Miracle Worker. I chose to intern at both SAS and Winthrop because I want to see the JPG Program grow and flourish, and the first step is starting young. I chose Winthrop because I am planning on majoring in Drama next year and my position on the productions allow me to have a “first glimpse” into what a collegiate program looks like. Since I am planning on pursuing theater professionally both these opportunities have allowed me to understand teaching artistry and professional acting.”

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