Middle School

St. Anne Catholic School recognizes that the middle school years are an important time of transition in every student’s life. While the guidance of adults remains very important during this time, we believe middle school students are capable of taking on more independent and responsible roles in their academic career. From sixth grade through eighth grade, students also grow in their ability to engage in abstract reasoning and thoughtful inquiry.


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The curriculum — while continuing to emphasize reading, writing, mathematics, natural sciences, social studies, and religion — challenges students to develop more advanced mastery of these subjects. Students are also encouraged to broaden their interests by participating to their fullest in art, drama, music and physical education. Computer literacy is integrated into coursework throughout the year. Spiritual, physical, social and academic growth is cultivated throughout the students’ many activities. In summary, St. Anne’s rigorous middle school curriculum meets the unique needs that students have at this important transition time and helps ensure that students are prepared for the increased academic demands of high school.


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