Campus Ministry

hs-retreatSt. Anne School Campus Ministry is dedicated to providing each student with opportunities to grow in faith and to love God and neighbor. Inspired by the words of Christ and our Catholic faith, we are committed to living out our school motto, Let it be known to all who enter here that Christ is the reason for this school, the unseen, but ever-present teacher in its classes, the model of its faculty and the inspiration of its students. We value the dedicated witness of each member of our school and foster individual growth in the virtues of faith, hope, and love. Campus Ministry aims to work in partnership with parents, faculty, staff, administrators, and pastors to respond the needs of students and involve them in sharing their unique gifts and talents with the community.

Campus Ministry provides students with opportunities for retreats, days of recollection, Celebration of the Eucharist, the Sacrament of Reconciliation, and other prayer experiences that enable them to grow in faith.


  • To develop a positive self-image in relationship to a loving God in each student.
  • To embrace the God-created world, the teachings of Jesus, the grace of the Holy Spirit and the value of human beings created by the grace of God
  • To communicate and proclaim the Gospel message through scripture, worship, prayer, and the call to service.dsc_0663-2
  • To invite and encourage involvement in and celebration of the faith community through various forms and styles of worship
  • To foster the personal and spiritual growth of each person
  • To help individuals realize their significance as citizens in relationship to school, family, Church and the world
  • To call on and encourage members of the school community to share their gifts and to minister to others’ needs
  • To raise consciousness about the need for people to work toward a more just, safe and peaceful world
  • To complement the general goals and objectives of the religion curriculum provided by the Diocese of Charleston


Daily Prayer
Turning our minds and hearts to God is how we start each day at St. Anne Catholic School. Students and teachers gather in assembly for the Morning Prayer. Throughout the day, students will pray together in the classroom and before and after lunch. They also have time for silent prayer during “Peace be Still.” Students are presented a Catholic Prayer book in the early grades, and age-appropriate prayers are studied and learned during their years at St. Anne School.
Weekly Mass
Weekly Mass is a time for our students to focus on Reverence, Respect, and Responsibility as they wear their formal uniform to enter God’s House. One of the most sacred experiences at St. Anne School is the opportunity for each grade (beginning in grade 2) to plan and minister this weekly mass. Our K3-2nd grade students are paired with an older grade who serves as “Mass Buddies.” Mass Buddies spend time together throughout the school year, and sit together each week at mass. All are invited to join our school family each Wednesday morning as our entire student body celebrates the Gospel as brothers and sisters.
St. Anne Catholic School prepares the students for the reception of the sacraments of First Reconciliation and First Eucharist. This makes second grade a special time for our students as they learn the true meaning of forgiveness and repentance. Students are invited to receive the sacrament of confession at any time, but there are scheduled times as well. Teachers prepare students for confession through an examination of conscience. Students begin preparing for Confirmation during their 8th grade year and receive the sacrament of Confirmation at the end of their 9th grade year.

Liturgical Celebrations
As a Catholic Community, we celebrate the feasts and liturgical seasons as followed by the universal Church through prayer, processions, and festivities. Some of our special traditions include:

    • The preschool children sing special songs for family gatherings and perform the Hail Mary in Spanish to honor Our Lady of Guadalupe.
    • In Kindergarten, students suit up in their “Armor of God” (Ephesians 6:10-18) and march in to Morning Prayer singing songs and teaching others to “put their trust in God.”
    • With the help of their fifth grade buddy, our first grade students research and present in costume their “Feast Day” Saint, a special program for All Saints Day. Our first grade students also minister a special service for the Crowning of the Blessed Mother in May.
    • Second grade is a special time for our students to learn the true meaning of forgiveness and repentance, as they prepare for First Reconciliation and First Eucharist. To celebrate this sacred event, the students sing a special Sunflower song during Morning Prayer. The Second Grade students also perform the Nativity Play at Christmas time.
    • Praying the Rosary is a beloved Catholic custom that links the gospel and prayer. Our students often pray the Rosary in class, but during Catholic Schools Week our third grade students lead a special service.
    • During Advent, we prepare for the coming of Christ by sharing in the custom lighting the Advent wreath and participating in special prayer services daily. The third, fourth, and fifth grade students take turns leading a special Advent song each morning.
    • Fifth grade is a year of leadership for our students. The fifth grade students guide their first grade mass buddies through the study of the Saints, as they prepare for the special All Saints Day celebration. During Holy Week, our fifth grade students lead a service honoring the Stations of the Cross.
    • As you stroll the halls of St. Anne Catholic School, you will appreciate the beautiful murals displayed. These murals are traditionally created by the individual gifts and talents of our sixth grade class. The students participate in a contest to choose a sacred theme. Once the theme is chosen, each 6th grade student is given the opportunity to participate in painting the final mural.
    • At St. Anne Catholic School, we respect Holy Week as a solemn and sorrowful time. Activities and lessons are planned by the Seventh Grade Class with the guidance of our Clergy and Religion teacher. A lesson is presented each day during Morning Prayer, so that our student body can experience the Passion of Christ.
    • Eighth grade is a time for our students to serve as spiritual leaders for the school. Several retreats are planned throughout the year to allow time for both prayer and reflection as these students prepare for their next journey in life. The Eighth Grade Students work with our second grade class to make an individual commemorative rosary for First Holy Communion. Eighth grade is also the year students begin formal preparation for Confirmation.
    • Our High School students serve as leaders for many liturgical celebrations and are often called upon to lead prayer. One high school student leads the afternoon prayer over the intercom each afternoon. It has become a new tradition that our high school students lead the prayer service to honor Our Lady of Guadalupe.
Additional Campus Ministry activities for High School Students
  • Annual Retreat conducted by the Diocesan Retreat Team
  • Conduct retreats for the lower school students by becoming a Retreat Leader
  • Retreat leaders for 9th grade retreat and middle school retreats
  • Spiritual leaders for athletic teams, clubs, and performance groups
  • Small faith sharing communities within the school
  • Participation in liturgy and prayer services
  • Planning of liturgy and prayer services