Beginning of the Year FAQs

Beginning of the Year Frequently Asked Questions

What is the BEST way to find out what is going on in school?
Purchase the RenWeb App! The cost is $5.00 per family. The best $5.00 you will spend this year! Each Sunday night, check the CALENDAR, RESOURCE DOCUMENTS, AND ANNOUNCEMENTS!
What is the New Family Welcome?
August 13th 6:30-7:30 – New families are invited for pizza in the cafeteria to learn more about the St. Anne Catholic School community. Please be sure to RSVP through the Evite you will receive via email.
How do I find out my child’s teacher?
You will find out your child’s teacher the week before school begins, prior to the Get the Scoop festivities.
What is Get the Scoop?
August 16th 3:00-5:00 — Families are invited to meet their child’s teacher, visit their classroom, and gather important information in the gym about the 2019-2020 school year. Parents must escort students to their assigned classrooms. High School GTS includes a textbook sale, schedule pick up, cap/gown orders, and HS retreat information.

When should my child bring supplies to school?
The best time to bring supplies to school is Get the Scoop. Middle school students will be allowed to set up their lockers during Get the Scoop.
What is Parent Night?

This evening is for parents to learn more about the their child’s classroom/homeroom and teacher(s). The administrative team will be reviewing important information such as the Parent/Student Handbook, RenWeb, and much more!

LS Parent Night- August 29th at 6 PM

HS Parent Night- August 28th at 6 PM  

When is the first day of school?
August 19th Grades K5-12 (Half day dismissal August 19th & 20th)

August 21st K3-K4 (Half day dismissal August 21st, 22nd, & 23rd for K3-K4 ONLY)

What are the school hours for students?

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday (see Weds. schedule below)
K3-Grade 4 7:55-2:55
Grades 5-8 7:55-3:05
HS 8:25-3:25

What are the school hours for students for the NEW Wednesday schedule?

K3-Grade 4 7:55-2:00

Grades 6-8 7:55-2:10

HS 8:25-2:25

**Extended Care will be available at SAS on Wednesdays
When is high school orientation?
On August 19th, the high school students will participate in Q& A about schedules and shoes and everything in between, engage in MacBook orientation (new students), and enjoy some team-building activities to kick off the new year!
What and when is the Woo Hoo Boo Hoo Social?
August 21st at 7:55 AM in the cafeteria.  All parents of K3 and K4 students are invited to join the Advancement team to enjoy refreshments, visit with other families, and either “Woo Hoo” or “Boo Hoo” that your little one is off to school.
Do I always need my “car tag” for dismissal?
What is so “nuts” about NUTS Days?
No Uniform To School- See handbook for guidelines- Once every other month- Donations for charities, etc. Students must bring at least $1.
How do we show school spirit on Spirit Days?
Students may wear ANY St. Anne T-shirt- See handbook for guidelines.
Is it important to read the Parent-Student Handbook?
Yes- from cover to cover! The administration revisits this each summer to update policies and procedures. It is full of very, very, very important “need to know” information!
How do I join PSA and get involved?
You already joined! We do not charge for membership- EVERY PARENT/GUARDIAN IS A MEMBER! It is mandatory that you fill out the required paperwork and volunteer at least 10 hours per year. We’d love to have you even more! There is a $10 per hour charge for every hour not served at the end of the school year. We want YOU not your money!