St. Anne Annual Fund


The St. Anne Annual Fund is a yearly campaign to raise financial support for a wide range of programs and initiatives that continue to provide St. Anne students with a solid educational foundation.  The funds raised help bridge the “gap” between the cost of tuition and the cost to educate each child.  Tuition provides 88% of our school’s operating budget each year.  The St. Anne Annual Fund seeks 100% support from all stakeholders to close the funding gap and offer additional services to students.
The St. Anne Annual Fund provides an opportunity to combine fundraising efforts and make a larger financial impact on the future of St. Anne Catholic School.  Your gift secures the foundation of Catholic education and builds a legacy that passes on our Catholic faith to the next generation.  Your gift, no matter the size, WILL make a difference!


Make your gift today!

Why me?

St. Anne needs and deserves your support. Your donation helps the St. Anne School Council and Administration in budgeting and planning efforts. Donations to the fund allow us to hire and retain exceptional faculty and staff, provide access to new technology, provide students with the tools they need to be successfully, and much more. Financial gifts help keep tuition at an affordable level for families to allow them to send their children to a Catholic School. Also, a gift to the Annual Fund is tax-deductible. Tuition is not.

Why not just raise tuition rather than solicit gifts?

Raising tuition would generate a certain level of revenue, however, we know it will not solve the on-going needs of the school. Most academic and philanthropic institutions rely on an annual giving model to sustain their programs. This affords an opportunity for constituencies: alumni, parents, parents of alumni and friends to help support the mission of the school at a level they feel comfortable with through their annual gift.

These funds allow us to provide:

      • Professional development for our teachers to learn different and better ways to engage St. Anne students
      • Enhancements to classrooms and new teachers where needed
      • One to One technology and continuous technology improvements
      • Facility improvements and expansion
      • Tuition assistance so all students can receive a Catholic Education

Thank you for YOUR support!

 Your Gift is 100% Tax Deductible, and every dollar makes a difference!