Development Fund

Development Fund


Why Should I Support the Development Fund?

St. Anne School, without the benefit of local, state or federal taxes is responsible for its own funding.  Approximately 85% of the basic expenses for educating each child at St. Anne are covered through tuition and parish subsidies, but this does not include any supplemental resources.  It is therefore necessary for our school to raise funds to maintain and enhance the excellence in education provided to our students.

What is the Development Fund?

The Development Fund was established to fund the “extras” that are needed to ensure that our students will have every opportunity to excel academically, to pursue extra-curricular interests and activities, and to exceed their potential.

What Benefit Does the Development Fund Provide?

In 2016, with the support from our community, families, and friends we raised over $60,000 to support our students!

These funds provided:

  • “NEW” Lego Robotic Curriculum that will be offered to our Elementary students
  • “NEW” Biology Lab supplies to provide investigative experimentation for our students
  • Professional development for our teachers to learn different and better ways to engage St. Anne students
  • Enhancements to classrooms and new teachers where needed
  • One to One technology and continuous technology improvements
  • Facility improvements and expansion
  • Tuition assistance so all students can receive a Catholic Education

These opportunities would not have been made possible without YOUR support!




Your Gift is 100% Tax Deductible, and every dollar makes a difference!
Your gift creates and delivers extraordinary learning experiences for each student at St. Anne School.  This would not be possible without your support for the Development Fund.